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A Enumeration Type
A type of bed. This is used for indicating the bed or beds available in an accommodation.

Instances of BedType may appear as a value for the following properties
PropertyOn TypesDescription
bed Accommodation  or
HotelRoom  or
The type of bed or beds included in the accommodation. For the single case of just one bed of a certain type, you use bed directly with a text. If you want to indicate the quantity of a certain kind of bed, use an instance of BedDetails. For more detailed information, use the amenityFeature property.
typeOfBed BedDetails The type of bed to which the BedDetail refers, i.e. the type of bed available in the quantity indicated by quantity.


STI Accommodation Ontology
This element is based on the STI Accommodation Ontology, see for details. Many class and property definitions are inspired by or based on abstracts from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.